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Holiday Coffee Flavours for the Best Winter Celebrations

Every celebration has a coffee that suits it perfectly. We have suggestions for holiday coffee flavours that will let you savour every last moment of the holiday season. Start the new year off right with our Van Houtte® holiday coffee K-Cup® pod picks!

Holiday Coffee Flavours for an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party

Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year? Do you want to make your lovely evening unforgettable for your guests? New Year’s drinks come in hot varieties, too. Making this night a coffee celebration, with delicious holiday coffee flavours, will keep everyone going until the countdown and beyond! 

Such festivities call for something classic, like a cup of House Blend Dark coffee, over which you and your guests can reminisce about the past year. And ringing in the new year right calls for something robust, like Midnight Express® coffee!

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The Best Holiday Coffee Flavours for Your New Year’s Day Brunch

Nothing completes the New Year’s celebration experience better than a decadent New Year’s Day brunch. From mimosas to eggs benedict, you want to plan a meal that will launch you into the new year. Enjoy holiday coffee flavours that will give you a sweet introduction to the year ahead! 

Try some holiday blend coffees like Van Houtte® Vanilla Hazelnut flavoured coffee for making sweet plans for the future, or Van Houtte® Crème Brûlée flavoured coffee for even sweeter nostalgia of the year gone by. 

You’ll be feeling like you’re starting the new year on the right foot. 

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The Warmest Winter Coffee Blends for Celebrating Outside

What’s the best way to enjoy the holiday season? Getting outside and enjoying the wonders of nature with some winter coffee! 

As you bundle yourself up warmly, grab your insulated travel mug and brew up some enlivening holiday coffee for a day of skating, snowball fights and feeling like a kid again! You could try Breakfast Blend coffee to get you bouncing out the door, or Van Houtte® Belgian Chocolate flavoured coffee to warm you up, heart and soul! 

There are so many opportunities to celebrate during the holidays. And just about every celebration gets even better with a hot cup of holiday coffee in hand. Start the winter coffee celebrations by finding these fantastic blends online or at a Van Houtte® coffee retailer!