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A Master partnership with MissFresh

As part of our 100th anniversary celebrations, Van Houtte® is teaming up with MissFresh to help you discover new and fresh ways to enjoy your coffee, especially using coffee in cooking.

Like our Master Roaster, MissFresh is the master of stimulating your taste buds, with its one-stop online food subscription service for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, saving you time on meal planning and prepping.

And to celebrate this exciting partnership, the Masters aren’t mincing any words (or meals).

Not only do you have the chance to receive an exclusive recipe for coffee lovers, but you’ll also have access to a special, limited-time offer.

Sign up at before September 11, 2019, and you’ll receive $130 worth of free surprises, like our rich and savoury coffee, our coffee scoop, a Van Houtte® gift card and more!

Don’t forget to select our recipe to enjoy this quick and easy coffee-inspired meal. For the full recipe, including information on how to cook the entire meal at home, click below.

So, who’s ready to get cookin’?