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Vincent Van Gogh Master of Painting

Known for his masterpiece Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh is the most influential post-impressionist—ever. Discover how Van Houtte is to coffee what Van Gogh is to painting.

Who was Van Gogh?

Throughout history, there have been those who were so passionate, driven and innovative that they changed the course of culture. Some can be seen as more than just a man—they are a Van. As a master coffee roaster, Albert-Louis Van Houtte is a member of this extremely exclusive club. Today, we explore the life of another Van who was also a master of his craft: Vincent van Gogh.

Vincent van Gogh was born in Groot-Zundert, Holland, on March 30, 1853. Most remember him for a certain incident with his ear, but did you know he was also one of the most brilliant painters of his time? Well over a century after his passing, his paintings are still celebrated as true mastery. What Van Gogh and Van Houtte share in common is they both had a singular vision that changed the world and people’s perceptions of quality and craftsmanship forever—all in a relatively short time period.

From legacy to legend

Van Houtte brought premium, European-style coffee and confections to North America over two decades. Inspired by his work, today there is a curated selection of over 30 different flavours and blends. He was a Van on a mission! As was Van Gogh, who only began painting when he was 27 years old, but created over 900 pieces in the subsequent decade. And while he only sold one painting during his lifetime, his work has become highly valued and sought after

Van Gogh’s posthumous fame saw him recognized as one of the preeminent post-impressionists of his time. His mastery of brushstrokes and colour allowed him to recreate the miracle of movement, fluidity and light in a manner that still surpasses that of any other artist. It seems for both Vans, their legacies would foster in those who admire them a love of quality craftsmanship, and continue to astound and amaze today—an awe-inspiring living history told through hot coffee and haute art.

What makes a Van a Van?

Van Gogh’s Starry Night mesmerizes, engages and confronts the senses, and evokes notions of creativity and quality—the same feelings one gets when drinking a Van Houtte coffee. Though instead of bright strokes, Van Houtte paints a picture of nuanced aromas and swirls of decadent flavour through masterful roasting.

What binds them together is more than just the Van in their names; it is their reputations for being exceptional and challenging the status quo by embarking on their own paths. What Van Houtte is to coffee, Van Gogh is to painting. As a master of coffee roasting for a century, Van Houtte created a legacy that lives on and continues to inspire others today.

Much like one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, to connoisseurs each of our coffees has its own unique notes and flavours and nuanced aromas open to interpretation. Experience a cup of creativity with Van Houtte® Mexico Fair Trade Organic, Signature Collection Dark Roast.