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A total of $100,000 in bursaries for our 100th anniversary

We are proud to present the Masters’ Fund as part of our 100th anniversary celebrations.This ambitious program highlights the talent and dedication of exceptional Canadians who are redefining our culture. Today, we share the stories of 5 bursary recipients who will be able to pursue their craft and become the Masters of tomorrow with the $20,000 they were each awarded.

Anne Brace-Lavoie

In Halifax, Annie is considered to be a rising star of the Canadian gastronomy scene. However, she still remains humble and wishes to continue learning new cooking techniques. In fact, she’ll be using her bursary to travel to a country with an undisputed gastronomical reputation.

Jordan Bennett

Jordan is an artist with a special mission: giving Mi’kmaq culture its rightful place in the contemporary art world. He is not afraid to push the limits of his creativity to make it happen. What do you think he’ll create with $20,000?

Matthieu Goyer

Animation filmmaker Matthieu knows how to command attention with his versatility and unique style. In fact, his collaborative vision of self-development and self-mastery is what caught our attention. The $20,000 bursary will allow him to acquire essential tools for his intriguing trade.

Monica Adair

Monica knows that architecture can significantly change peoples’ lives. That’s why she works towards creating buildings that will facilitate her connection to the rest of the world. She plans on using her bursary to build a new cultural infrastructure that can be visited in the near future.

Sheila Jaffé

Sheila first picked up the violin at the age of 3. Ever since, her passion has kept on growing, until she decided to dedicate her life to music. Thanks to the Masters’ Fund, we might all be able to one day enjoy her masterpieces.