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Living the Cottage Lifestyle in 3 Easy Steps

At Van Houtte®, we believe getting away to the cottage for a blast of nature is a treat we all deserve, but not everyone has access to a house overlooking a frozen lake with snow-capped mountains in the background. For the rest of us, here are three easy tips for creating that perfect cottage mood—wherever you may happen to be.

1. Go play outside.
Part of the fun of having a getaway outside the city is just that: outside! Get the whole family dressed warmly and head out to your nearest park for some tobogganing, skating, or a simple snow-man building mission (don’t forget the carrot). Warm up after with this magical moccaccino.

2. Unplug.
Quiet times together make rare appearances in our busy day-to-day lives, but they’re part of what makes any cottage getaway special. By putting away phones, tablets and laptops, you’ll free up time for togetherness and real conversation. Cue the board games!

3. Eat together.
Of course you’ll be feasting together for your big holiday meal, but what about for breakfast and lunch? Maximize the quality time by enrolling the whole gang into prepping and eating all meals together—a big Boxing Day brunch always goes down a treat. Find all sorts of recipe ideas here.