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Coffee that makes a

Drink bigger
with® Van Houtte

Because Van Houtte coffee is 100% responsibly sourced, it has a positive impact on communities near and far, as well as on the environment.

With Van Houtte®, we drink big!

Choose Van Houtte® for

Production focused on sustainable development

100% responsibly sourced coffee creates a chain of positive change that protects the future of coffee.

Responsible sourcing
Better protection for the environment thanks to responsible production techniques
that preserve natural resources
Strong, healthy coffee plants that guarantee rich, quality production
Optimized production that promotes higher income and improved living conditions for producers and their communities
Strong communities that allow for social investment and better services
Socially engaged producer communities that respect the environment and use sustainable farming methods
Choose Van Houtte® to

Belong to an engaged community

For the last 20 years, Van Houtte has been committed to its producers and has worked with them to develop strong, sustainable coffee-growing communities.
Locally engaged as well

In the coming years, we’ll double our efforts in local communities to do even more for our people.

Choose Van Houtte ® to

Create a positive impact on the environment

Van Houtte® is committed to doing even more to protect natural resources by promoting clean energy and initiating a major transition to environmentally responsible packaging.

Our goals for 2025

We’re stronger together. That’s why Van Houtte is joining forces with its parent company, Keurig Dr Pepper, to get more done, faster.

  • Packaging
    • Convert 100% of packaging to be recyclable or compostable
    • Use 30% post-consumer recycled content across our packaging portfolio
    • Use 25% post-consumer recycled content across our plastic packaging portfolio
    • Achieve 20% virgin plastic reduction across our plastic packaging portfolio
  • Water
    • Partner with our highest water-risk operating communities to replenish 100% of water used for our beverages
    • Improve our water use efficiency by 20%
  • Waste
    • Send zero waste to landfill across our operations
  • Climate
    • Obtain 100% of electricity from renewable sources

K-Cup® pods with an easy-peel lid

One of the ways we’re supporting the environment is by switching to K-Cups with an easy-peel lid, available exclusively for the Van Houtte® product line.

Peel lid using tab. Then dispose.
Empty contents or compost. Filter can remain.
Recycle in select locations.