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Discover Bold Dark Roast Coffee Flavour

Van Houtte® is proud to offer a wide range of coffees in K-Cup® pods to awaken your taste buds. Discover our new House Blend Dark, a bold dark-roasted blend with full-bodied coffee flavour and woodsy notes.

This is also the perfect opportunity to shed some light on the intense and aroma-enhancing dark roast profile, and to share some of our ideas on how to best savour it!

Light, Medium or Dark Roast Coffee … What’s the Difference in Our Cup?

It’s essential to consider the roast colour when you’re choosing your coffee, since it greatly influences the taste of the brew. The lighter the roast, the milder the coffee flavour. On the other hand, the darker the coffee roast, the more intense it will be. Medium roasts provide a balanced taste with slightly sweet notes. 

As you can see, each type of coffee roasting profile comes with its own distinctive flavours and aromas. If you prefer full-bodied coffee with a rich taste and no bitterness, you’ll love our dark roast coffees. The new Van Houtte® House Blend Dark offers a unique flavour profile that’s bold while being pleasant on the palate. 

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What is Dark Roast Coffee?

The coffee roasting process consists of heating the green coffee beans after they have been harvested. This process is what gives coffee its unmistakeable flavour. During the process, the coffee beans will gradually change colour from green to dark brown. The more it’s roasted, the darker it will get, and at a certain point will become what is referred to as dark roast coffee. Lightly-roasted beans have a paler brown colour, while dark roast coffee beans are much darker and will have an extra crack on their surface. 

Dark roast coffee offers a rich mouthfeel with an aroma reminiscent of dark chocolate. Our new House Blend Dark coffee provides an intense yet nuanced coffee flavour that will appeal to passionate dark roast coffee lovers, as well as those who are just beginning to explore a wider range of roasts. 

Does Dark Roast Have More Caffeine?

Perhaps surprisingly, dark roast coffee does not generally contain more caffeine than lighter roasts. While it seems to make sense that a darker, stronger roast would have a correspondingly higher level of caffeine, it’s often the opposite! 

A lighter, milder coffee roasting profile will likely contain more caffeine than its dark counterpart because the beans had a shorter roast time and retained more of their natural caffeine. Dark roast coffee is heated for a longer period, which means it gains a different set of flavour nuances and more caffeine is extracted. So, does dark roast have more caffeine? Usually not!

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Delicious Ways to Enjoy Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast coffee provides excellent depth and complexity of flavour. It’s therefore a perfect match for coffee beverages made with frothed milk, like lattes and cappuccinos, since the milk will not mask or dilute the rich dark roast coffee flavour. For those who prefer their coffee on the sweet side, caffè mocha is a delightful marriage between dark roast coffee, milk and chocolate. 

We also recommend enjoying your House Blend Dark coffee with dessert. Like wine and cheese, dark roast coffee and sweet treats complement one another perfectly. 

We invite you to explore our gourmet recipes, so you can bake up something delightful to enjoy with your cup of Van Houtte® House Blend Dark coffee.